The Man. The Mustache. The Legend.

the legend.

Back in 1998, Rick stood over a cutting board in his Dallas kitchen. After hours of pensive mustache twirling, lightening struck and the recipe for this remarkable salsa was formulated. Since then, we've been small-batching these babies for our folks to enjoy. We hope y'all do, too!

Rick's Signature

Rick's Salsa Founder   |   Rick McCance 

Rick’s Small Batch Salsa was created over 10 years ago in our family kitchen and was served for the first time out of the last remaining Tupperware bowl that miraculously survived our move from west Texas to the Big D that summer of 1985.

After years of punching the time clock only to dream of being able to share our salsa with you, the local foodie and salsa connoisseur, Rick’s Small Batch Salsa is finally on the scene.

From our family to yours, THANK YOU!